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Video Of Our Agent Virtual Backoffice

This is a very short 3.5 minute video of our Agent Virtual Backoffice which houses everything from our paperless transaction coordinator to brochures, farming cards and listing & buyer presentation material. Agents can order their website or Facebook micro sites, watch training videos, access transaction forms, Blog postings and so much more….When considering a Virtual Real Estate brokerage to join, be sure to compare their Agent Virtual Backoffice to ours. Just click the image for the video to play. Turn up your speakers.


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Request Private Access To Our Backoffice

Need more than just a 3.5 minute video to satisfy your interests? Would you like to take a personal “Live” look at our Agent Virtual Backoffice and compare it to what your current office offers you? We offer free private access to our exclusive, extremely comprehensive Agent Virtual Backoffice. Just click the blue eye image to request your personal username & password and get a first hand glimpse of all the tools, benefits and features every VRG agent gets to enjoy.


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Where Are We Growing Next?

Our growth plan enables us to enter a few new states per year and so far we have done that. For 2012, we added HI, LA, FL and MS. For 2013, we have added NY, GA, and AL. For 2014, we have added NM, MA & PA. If you are a broker in a state(s) we are not yet licensed in or are curious about opening a branch office in a state we have entered or would like to inquire about being the face of our company in a state we may be licensed in but have not yet launched into, please click anywhere on the map image to contact us. Stay tuned for our future growth:-)


Our Agents Say it Best Through Their Testimonials Below
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  • I just wanted to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to join The Virtual Realty Team. I believe that joining VRG has been the best decision that I have made since deciding to become a real estate agent six years ago. I am very happy with my commission payouts that have increased due to the flat fee the VRG offers. Using VRG's paperless pipeline is very simple, seamless, and I can upload documents any time of the day. Also, I appreciate your quick response when I have questions, thanks. I will be recommending agents to join VRG. –Jerry

  • Two primary opportunities drew me to The Virtual Realty Group. The opportunity to use the VRG Personal Branding Option, and the opportunity to increase my net income by not just thousands, but tens of thousands of dollars per year and hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of my Career​. ​The transition experience from working with a major name Brokerage to the innovative business structure of VRG has been very rewarding. From personal experience​,​ we could recommend VRG to anyone who has acquired the basic skills of professional real estate. For the Realtor who is motivated and committed to personal growth this is a tremendous opportunity to take a major step up in their career. –Marcus

  • My experience with The Virtual Realty Group has been amazing! The support and response times from Eric Israel and Winnfort Myles have been outstanding. The accessible easy to use Virtual Office and Transaction Coordinator make keeping up on my clients and files a breeze any time of day from anywhere. Working multiple counties in Arizona I need to be able to access my files from anywhere. I could not be happier to have joined this company and recommend it to anyone that wants the freedom and control an agent needs. If you are new agent there are resources available to get you off the ground. With this company you truly control your schedule and have the backup that large brokerages offer WITHOUT THE FEES! I have never been on such a great compensation plan and YES you do get paid at close of escrow right from title, NO HASSLE. I recommend this company to anyone as you will love your real estate career! –Beth

  • I have had a phenomenal experience working as a realtor for The Virtual Realty Group over the past year. As a seasoned agent, I no longer need the support that comes with a traditional brick and mortar office and fully embrace the virtual office concept. With The Virtual Realty Group, my office is wherever I am, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Support is also there when I need it. Eric Israel and my broker both have unbelievably short response times – my questions are almost always answered immediately. Their level of support is simply amazing. I have also found the VRG Back Office to be efficient, intuitive, and easy to use. It takes me only a matter of minutes to get everything to the broker for signature. Switching to The Virtual Realty Group was definitely one of the best moves I have ever made. –Gladys

  • My experience with The Virtual Realty Group has been great! My broker, Eric Israel is on top of it. If I have a question or need some assistance I just give him a call or text and always get an instantaneous response. The Backoffice is a nice set up that easily allows me to track what documents I need to complete each file. There are a lot of other free benefits and tools and I keep finding more almost every time I look through the system. Prior to joining VRG, I interviewed all the big box brokerages and a few local ones, but they never could convey to me their value proposition for a substantial piece of my commission. I began looking into other options and that is when I stumbled on VRG. I am glad I trusted my gut because it has been a rewarding experience. –Chris

  • I have been with VRG Realty for a little over a year. At first, I was hesitant to work at VRG considering it is located out of my service area. I asked the opinion of a few of my colleagues before I made the move, I was advised to stay local. I followed my gut feeling and signed up with VRG anyway. Little did I know it would turn out to be one of the best decisions I made for my career. My Broker/Manager Eric Israel is one of a kind. In my 20+ years in the business, never have I had a broker who responds to my calls, emails and text messages so instantaneously. All my questions and concerns are addressed and answered in detail. All problems are solved immediately. The wealth of information and advice I get from Eric is a testament as to how abreast he is with the real estate market. –Marie

  • ​For those of you, brand new agents or seasoned, that are wondering if you'll receive support & coaching from a virtual brokerage, I'm here to tell you my own experience. When I call, text or email my Broker Eric, he is responsive within minutes. I also can and have relied on him for coaching me through a recent transaction. One that required skill & wisdom. Imagine an expired/cancelled listing, a very hostile listing agent & seller, who had no commitment for establishing my commission and my buyers hiring me & my team to get this property for them! Eric not only coached me, took many of my phone calls & emails, but also congratulated me when I successfully closed the deal with my commission intact! –Janine

  • My experience with The Virtual Realty Group has been WONDERFUL! After working for a big box firm who provided little to nothing and took a 36% commission split, coming to The Virtual Realty Group has been an exciting and rewarding change of pace. Their flat-fee commission is AMAZING. I am making so much more money than I was with my other firm with essentially no change in support from my BIC and other office colleagues. Working with The Virtual Realty Group is EASY because their online transaction coordinator allows me to upload all of my documents before closing and receive an upfront commission disbursement authorization that I can forward to the closing attorneys. This allows them to cut me a direct check that I can get the same day of closing. I cannot say enough good things about this firm and I am telling every agent I know about it. My only regret is that I didn't find The Virtual Realty Group sooner because I could have saved myself a lot of money. –Kaitlin

  • As a full time Real Estate agent with several closings per month, I was tired of paying my broker outrageous fees. When I found The Virtual Realty Group and looked into their packages I was immediately sold! I have been able to continue my work without a hiccup and save up A LOT of money in the process. The Virtual Realty Group was quick to welcome me and also help with any questions I had. For any Real Estate agents fed up with paying high brokerage fee's for no reason (Full time or Part time), I recommend The Virtual Realty Group! This has been the best decision in my Real Estate Career. –Zach

  • I've really enjoyed working under the VRG, everything is very straight forward and when I have any questions, Eric gets back to me right away. My Broker is very knowledgeable and has been wonderful.. I was with KW for a few years and was tired of giving up my hard earned money when I was generating all of my own business. This is a great avenue for someone that is independent and doesn't care for office bureaucracy or 'cheerleading weekly meetings'. Definitely beats the huge brokerages in so many ways! –Pavla

  • The Virtual Realty Group provides an efficient platform allowing me to maximize profit through higher payouts, while letting me decide on what expenses are necessary. No desk fees! No technology fees! No mandatory mailers! No fluff! No “Rah-Rah” meetings! No office politics! No floor time! No B.S.! –Dean

  • The Virtual Realty Group has afforded me the opportunity to receive 100% of my commission that I earn. I have been a realtor for 10years + and got tired of giving my hard earned commissions away when most companies I have been with did not give me clients, and did not give me the support and mentoring I needed. When I have a question or need something, I feel confident I will get a response before the end of the day... most often within the 1st 15 min. –Myrtho

  • I joined The Virtual realty Group in September 2013 and immediately saw a difference. I had worked for many other firms in my 12 year real estate career, from REMAX to local companies, so I knew what was out there. Some of those firms offered 100% commission structures as well, but that was the extent of their offerings. They promised the moon but never delivered. This company is not your run of the mill 100% commission firm! They offer so many tools to their agents, most of them free, and the support I receive from my BIC, Andre Allen, is sincere, knowledgeable and fast. I never have to hunt him down or wait days for a return call. The internal CRM system is also wonderful, and it makes it easy to upload paperwork and keep track of listings and sales. The support from the staff is great, and I even was given some excellent tips on photography by the CEO! The commission structure is great, and you can even get paid at closing! No more chasing down your BIC to get paid, or waiting days for a check. I get my portion right there at the table. I have had more success with The Virtual Realty Group and I think it is due to the tools, support and appreciation that I feel for my hard work. Joining this firm is the best decision I have made in my career! –Rosemarie

  • Having worked for a large name agency previous to starting with The Virtual Realty Group, I did not know what to expect. I knew that I needed to make a change from paying excessive monthly fees for the use of the well-known name and little to no service and support. As a REALTOR, my job is to market my name and professional service. Eric Israel has been amazing with his knowledge and enthusiasm in marketing. When asking for assistance in marketing and coming up with creative advertising, my previous company only referred me to a high priced third party that would result in yet more fees. At The Virtual Realty Group, Eric not only helps me with my marketing visions, but also has the materials back to me in within 24 hours. The Backoffice with VRG is extremely easy to operate and is full of useful information. In addition, having a broker that truly cares for me as an agent is priceless and I feel I have this with my broker in Austin, TX. I highly recommend The Virtual Realty Group whether you are new to real estate or are a seasoned professional looking for a better organization.–Susan

  • I had my doubts about working without a transaction coordinator, but the The Virtual Realty Group made it very easy to keep track of all my documents. Everything was easy to navigate from the website. Eric was extremely helpful and available to help anytime of the day and weekends too! The Virtual Realty Group made it easy to complete my transaction without any difficulties. Any question in which I called or emailed about, was answered fast. I had been away from real estate for awhile and The Virtual Realty Group made it very easy to transition back into the game with their extensive knowledge. –Richard

  • Eric is a great owner and responds immediately to any questions or concerns that you have. Every time I've had a question he's been right there to answer it and been very supportive. If you are motivated, a go-getter and work hard for yourself, the VRG model is perfect. I would definitely recommend VRG no questions about it because when it comes down to it, the paycheck makes any lack of a normal office setting an afterthought.–Marcell

  • I have been with The Virtual Realty Group for over 7 months now and I am very happy I made the switch. Being a Real Estate Broker, I felt it was important to go on my own but still wanted back office support and E&O Insurance so I would still be competitive in the market. I responded to Eric's add and found him to be honorable and very resourceful which helped me make the move an easy decision. Thank you very much Eric.–Catherine

  • I am enjoying my experience working with The Virtual Realty Group. I find them very helpful and eager to support me in anything I have needed. They are readily available to me when I need them, yet offer as much freedom as I want or need. Their online backoffice is great and offers so much.–Lisa

  • I'd like to take this moment to thank you so much for all the help you have given me in my first two transactions! Your help made it so much easier for me to understand what I was doing my first time. I appreciate your help and encourage any future realtors out there that need a great broker to join your group! Thanks for everything!–Gary

  • I have been with a couple 'big box' agencies in my career. Either the Broker was unavailable to me or I was straight-up paying ALOT of money for services I didn't use. This is not the case with The Virtual Realty Group. Eric is a REAL person and available to me when I need to bounce ideas. At The Virtual Realty Group all the services are free and it is up to me what additional investments I make in my business. It is comforting, in a career of chaos, to be able to focus on what I do best and build a successful business on my terms.–Sandra

  • The Virtual Realty Group foundation and the efforts that Eric Israel puts forth to provide for, support, and encourage growth in their aligned agents and brokers sheds clear light on their awareness of the importance of creating an atmosphere and opportunities for you that will build on the foundation of, not remain at, standard industry practices; that of which help foster your accomplishments in real estate. "Making a difference" would sum up our experience with Mr. Israel and The Virtual Realty Group.–Jason

  • I was a fairly new California real estate broker about to do my first real estate deal and needed E&O insurance. So I did a Web search and happened upon The Virtual Realty Group and Eric Israel. It must have been my lucky day! Rather than offering just E&O insurance, I quickly discovered that Eric's company offers a complete solution for brokers and agents that covers all the bases -- vastly more than just E&O. That first deal is under contract and headed towards closing, and Eric and his operation have been indefensible every step of the way. I literally can't heap enough praise on Eric in this short space -- he is amazing, always available when I have a question, always on top of everything, extremely knowledgeable, and a true pleasure to work with. I look forward to doing many more deals with Eric. Regardless of an agent's or broker's experience and skill level, I believe the single best thing they can do to run a great operation -- one that looks like it has a real office behind it, even if they're on their own -- is to call Eric.–Michael

  • The Virtual Realty Group was just the thing I was looking for in a Real Estate office. The commission plans that are offered can’t be beat by any other real estate office. The state of the art virtual back office offers all the tools you need for a smooth closing and high levels of customer satisfaction. With all the latest technological advances in real estate, most agents work in the field or from home offices. So why give away your hard earned commission for the sake of a brick and mortar office.–Sylvester

  • Since joining The Virtual Realty Group, Eric has set up my website for my type of business, focusing on listing properties. Eric help set up short sale letters to mail to potential customers. The Virtual Realty Group has been everything I hoped it would be and more. I would recommend joining The Virtual Realty Group, to anyone looking to make a change.–LeRoy

  • I do want you to know that I am impressed with the support to the The Virtual Realty Group agents as well as the many free tools offered. I did extensive research and I am very pleased with the decision I made to join your group. Your promptness and diligence in setting up my website is also appreciated. Thank you for your great support.–Joe

  • I have worked with several local brokers for the past decade. Then I found The Virtual Realty Group. They are very easy to work with, especially when it comes to closing deals. They also provide the quickest response to all of my emails and calls every time. I am happy with The Virtual Realty Group so much so, that I've recommended it to my friend -- who's now on board with The Virtual Realty Group as well!–Michelle

  • When I first looked at “The Virtual Realty Group” web site I really didn’t believe that they could provide all that they do. I was wrong. They have greatly exceeded my expectations and have been more helpful than any other association I’ve had in the real estate industry. Eric is always available and more than helpful. Plus I’m making a whole lot more commission than I have with the big name companies.–Bob

  • I have recently gotten back into the real estate business after a hiatus of a few years. I have found that The Virtual Realty Group, especially Eric, has been extremely helpful and very prompt in answering questions and providing information. I think that this is the perfect fit for me providing all the tools I need and the freedom to grow my real estate business.–Brook

  • Having been in the real estate game for many many years and having worked for other companies in the past, I want to say a few words about Eric Israel and The Virtual Realty Group. Eric is available day and night to support you in your sales endeavors.....he is far and away the most committed person I have ever encountered in the real estate business.....I can constantly rely upon him for his support, advice and expertise in any and every real estate deal I encounter.....I completely endorse Eric and The Virtual Realty Group to any real estate professional. The Virtual Realty Group is a fantastic opportunity for a new agent breaking into the business or a veteran who wants to keep a larger commission.–Mike

  • I would like to talk about my experience with the Virtual Realty Group. So far, it has been everything advertised and more. Eric has been there every step of the way to answer questions and walk me through the site and backoffice. My experience with escrow has been an absolute dream, getting my commission check FedEx expressed to the door was awesome. I had one check come on CHRISTMAS EVE! I cannot tell you how easy the online transaction coordinator has been. If you are truly an independent agent looking for a great place to hang you license, I would truly consider looking at everything The Virtual Realty Group has to offer.–Mark

  • I was a fairly new real estate broker about to do my first real estate deal and needed E&O insurance. So I did a Web search and happened upon The Virtual Realty Group and Eric Israel. It must have been my lucky day! Rather than offering just E&O insurance, I quickly discovered that Eric's company offers a complete solution for brokers and agents that covers all the bases -- vastly more than just E&O. That first deal is under contract and headed towards closing, and Eric and his operation have been indefensible every step of the way. I literally can't heap enough praise on Eric in this short space -- he is amazing, always available when I have a question, always on top of everything, extremely knowledgeable, and a true pleasure to work with. I look forward to doing many more deals with Eric. Regardless of an agent's or broker's experience and skill level, I believe the single best thing they can do to run a great operation -- one that looks like it has a real office behind it, even if they're on their own -- is to call Eric.–Michael

  • My experience has been very positive with VRG. The online process is very simple. The support you have provided has been more than I expected. There's no micro management, only observations and suggestions on how to improve. The Virtual back office is unreal. Everything I could ever think of or need to help me with my business, is there. I don't feel stressed nor am I under pressure. I am able to work at my own pace. I really feel like I'm running my own firm. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of VRG.–Andre

  • I have been with VRG for about 8 months. I love it. I can work independently and not give away my commissions or advertise someone else's business. I was leery at first that there were hidden fees or something would change once I joined. I am very pleased there are no hidden fees. They tell you all the fees up front, no surprises. Also, any questions I have had have been answered quickly. I definitely recommend VRG, if you are an independent worker. You have the ability to make more money and still have a great support system.–Vanessa

  • I have been with The Virtual Realty Group since last December. They are the only company I have worked with since I moved to Charleston in June 2011. I really like the response time of the people be it Justus (the Broker in Charge in SC and NC )or Eric Israel the owner of the company. They have great respect for their agents which is very important to me.–Susan

  • I have worked with The Virtual Realty Group since January 2012. I made the decision to move to VRG to have more freedom in my real estate endeavors. It fits my needs perfectly. I am a self starter and enjoy working on my own time schedule. However, if I have questions, I can reach out to my BIC at anytime and have my questions answered in a timely manner. I have also met with other agents here in the Charleston area and we have worked well together bouncing ideas and suggestions off each other. VRG has met my personal needs and I hope to continue to grow with the company in the years to come.–Meg

  • After being with one the largest real estate companies in the Triangle, a change was due. After researching all of my options and even opening my own company, choosing The Virtual Realty Group was definitely the best option. The Owners and associates have been wonderful to work with. Eric stays on the cutting edge. The transition to the The Virtual Realty Group was quick and smooth.–Dewey

  • I was very pleasantly surprised when I learned of The Virtual Realty Group entry into the Carolinas. I found VRG’s unique structure provided me with the new independent income-rewarding opportunity I had been looking for. First, I could work from my home office. Then, no more office expense charges, desk rental, national franchise transaction fees, outrageous commission splits, time-wasting weekly sales meetings or front desk duty. Moreover, I found the founder Eric Israel to be a knowledgeable, dependable, very responsive problem solver. With all the tools an agent needs on-line and in the back office, The Virtual Realty Group is an independent-minded agent’s dream.–Justus

  • Moving to VRG was one of the smartest moves I've made in my real estate career. The flexibility of how to run my business is incredible. I am now able to run my business rather than my Broker dictating every move. This is the new wave, and smartest way for any real estate agent to operate their businesses with higher commissions.–Russ

  • Since my joining The Virtual Realty Group, I have seen myself grow as a Realtor. I'm making better decisions for myself and my clients. The years of experience that I have in real estate is being pushed to the forefront because at VRG, you truly work for yourself. I love the freedom that VRG provides me. There are no 9am, once per month, sales meetings that you have to attend. There's no one looking over your shoulder, asking you for status updates on your deals. You are not required to report to an office. You are in charge of your career and this means that you must be self-motivated and you must know how to manage your time to be a part of this firm, which means that you have to have good organizational skills. I love the freedom that VRG provides. I would not choose another firm to work for now that I have experienced VRG. –Andre

  • Overall it has been a very good experience. I like the fact of having so much information at my fingertips. The abundance of tools and resources for marketing, advertising, education, and just about anything imaginable is incredible. I don't think any of us working for VRG take full advantage of the resources available. If we did, we could all make more money in real estate. Eric is always accessible for questions or assistance. I appreciate the fact that about 95% of the time when I call you or e-mail you, you answer right then or get back to me in a few minutes. I appreciate that I can call Eric about anything and he will walk through a situation with me. He is not afraid to say he does not know something, but he always finds out and gets right back to me. For agents who are fairly independent, this is a super company to work for. An agent has all the support needed with training opportunities and resources in the back office. The commission structure is the best of any other company that I am aware of. –Tracy

  • Opening up for business with The Virtual Realty Group was quick and easy. I had 500 business cards and two personal FOR SALE signs within days, and my website was setup within hours. VRG offers many online tools and resources that enhance my presence and personal branding as a top Realtor. In my short experience with VRG, I have already closed two transactions with no problems or issues. Through our paperless transaction coordinator I received my commission checks at closing! No waiting, no hassle! The best part, I keep 100% of my commissions, less a small transaction fee!!. –Tony