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Are you interested in knowing what impact our service has had on some of our agents nationwide? Not every testimonial is created equal. While kind words from our agents are appreciated, a great testimonial is special because it comes from a place of sincerity, but also feels personal, relatable, specific, and motivational. Our years of knowledge and experience have helped us create needed value to our agents. After all, if we don’t help them get better at their craft, who will? Click the image to read a few of them!

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Where Are We Growing Next?

Our growth plan enables us to enter a few states every year. In 2010 we opened in California, North Carolina, and Arizona. In 2011, we added Texas. In 2012, we added Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi. In 2013, we added New York and Georgia. In 2014, we added Alabama. In 2015 we added Pennsylvania. In 2016 we added Massachusetts, Indiana, and Maryland. In 2017, we have added Arkansas and Washington D.C. So far in 2018, we have added Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Oregon, Washington and Virginia. If you are a broker in a state(s) we are not yet licensed in or are interested in the opportunities available with us, please click anywhere on the map image to contact us for more details.


Video Of Our Agent Virtual Backoffice

This is a very short 3.5-minute video of our Agent Virtual Backoffice which houses everything from our paperless transaction coordinator to brochures, farming cards, and listing & buyer presentation material. Agents can order their website or Facebook microsites, watch training videos, access transaction forms, Blog postings and so much more. When considering a Virtual Real Estate brokerage to join, be sure to compare their Agent Virtual Backoffice to ours. Just click the image for the video to play. Turn up your speakers. You can request access to have your own private tour right here.

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